Giving homes just the right touch since 2005 

Exterior Outdoor Home Lighting 

We have a range of quality outdoor lighting setups to give your home that extra ornamental polish. Regardless of the type of project, we are qualified and skilled enough to design it all. 

*Thank you for the 2020 holiday season

We have now started to officially takedown the lights Jan 3 and we will go through the end of January

Please disconnect your lights from the wall plug

We will get to your home and business as soon as possible

Thank you for your patience!!*

Quality Lights to Illuminate Your Home


  •  Low voltage LED path lights 
  • Well lights Deck lights 
  • Directional lights 
  • Step lights, amongst others more
  • Get in touch for a night time demonstration. 

LED Path Lights

Deck Lights

Directional Lights

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